Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies Canada

Sector: Consumer Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Healthcare, Wellness

Pocket Folder & Insert Design | Infographics | Print Management

Table top flat lay shot. Magazine stack with blank white cover and blank screen phone with copy space on table with everyday objects. Laptop, coffee mug, magazine stack, smart phone, watch, wallet, camera, camera lens, flowers in a pot on wooden table.

J&J Medical Devices is a pioneer in medical devices, delivering physician and patient-centric products and solutions.

J&J asked Neglia Design to create a new and unique sales-education package aimed at physicians. The multipurpose package, consisting of a folder and info sheets, introduces J&J products by optimally incorporating them into the patient-care pathway – before, during and after recovery.

With a combination of custom infographics, charts, text and photography, we used an integrated approach to illustrate the optimum patient experience, clinical outcome, and cost efficiencies that can be achieved with the proper use of the J&J products.