Introducing We Teach Ontario

Some people want to separate teaching and research at our universities. If you take research away from higher learning, you not only hurt students, but communities and the economy as well.

The link between teaching and research is at the heart of Ontario’s universities. Together, teaching and research help students learn more and learn better. Together, teaching and research kick-starts economies, builds thriving communities, and improves lives. Every day, Ontario’s professors connect teaching and research to produce great results for students and Ontario.

This is the core message behind We Teach Ontario, the public awareness campaign just launched by OCUFA (the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations) and designed by Neglia Design.

The goal of We Teach Ontario is to build public awareness around the link between teaching and research and how this link is an essential component to the level of education delivered at Ontario’s universities.

The campaign largely centres around the website that prominently features videos that tell the story of five individual Ontario professors who use research and teaching to enrich their students and their communities. The call to action is to “Keep the connection between teaching and research strong at Ontario’s universities” by watching and sharing their videos using social media.

Client and campaign concept: OCUFA
Creative Direction and campaign identity design: Neglia Design
Website design and development: Neglia Design
Video Direction, shoot and post production: Brought to You By