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Content: The Essential SEO Strategy

We get so many phone calls from potential web-design clients who start by asking if we do SEO (search engine optimization). Getting their website listed on the first page of an organic Google search result trumps all other goals in their mind, including (unfortunately) a good design and content. More often than …
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Three trends that changed the way we design and build websites

Today’s website is more than just a glorified Yellow Pages ad or brochure on the Internet. It’s a tool to answer questions and demonstrate industry knowledge. It’s a customer acquisition tool and loyalty builder. It’s a social hub and network developer and it’s available anywhere, anytime. Here are three trends that have changed the way …
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The New Rules of SEO: What You Need to Know About Getting to the Top

So you want Google searchers to find your website on the first page of their search results. It’s simple right? Hire a Search Engine Optimization expert to perform some black magic and there you have it; your website is higher on the list, your traffic is up, a job well done! If only it were that easy. SEO has changed, and continues to evolve. Google is getting smarter – trying to “game the system” is no longer cutting it because Google punishes websites that are “over-optimized”. So what now? It’s the question every website owner wants answered: How does Google rank their search results and how can I get higher on the list? The answer is both simple and complex.