Three trends that have changed the way we design and build websites

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Today’s website is more than just a glorified Yellow Pages ad or brochure on the Internet. It’s a tool to answer questions and demonstrate industry knowledge. It’s a customer acquisition tool and loyalty builder. It’s a social hub and network developer and it’s available anywhere, anytime. Here are three trends that have changed the way …
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An introduction to online accessibility standards

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This is the first post of an ongoing series on accessibility for online communications. In the coming weeks, we’ll address the fundamentals of what it means to be accessible in your online communications, why it matters, and what you absolutely need to know when working with designers and developers.   In …
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Top three benefits of responsive website design


Unlike brochures and other marketing materials that are done when they’re printed, a website is never “done”. Launching a website is just the first step in its life. Nurturing it, tweaking it and adding fresh content is an ongoing commitment that never ends. If that’s not enough, a website also …
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Just released: Academic Matters’ newest issue on contract faculty


Hot off the press is the latest issue of the higher-education journal, Academic Matters. This issue takes a sobering look at contract employment in Ontario, Australia and British universities. Cover illustration, editorial design and layout by Neglia Design. The issue is also available on their website which was also produced by Neglia Design. Check …
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Just released: Pink Larkin website redesign


We are pleased to announce the launch of Pink Larkin’s new website produced by Neglia Design. This new release is a beautiful and fully responsive build which will serve to anchor the online identity of Pink Larkin, a dispute-resolution law firm. The site has been carefully planned and executed to showcase the many talented …
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