Three reasons why your website needs to be mobile-friendly NOW!

Mobile apps concept. Flat design vector illustration. Human hand with mobile phone and interface icons

With technology moving at breakneck speed and an ever-younger, mobile-savvy demographic, the time to put off  “mobilizing” your site has now passed. There are so many solid reasons to invest in a mobile-friendly site right NOW, that it’s hard to justify delaying it any longer. Here are our top three reasons to go …
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Ask A Designer: How and when to use different image file formats


Whether you’re designing a PowerPoint presentation, a brochure or a website, chances are you’ll need to include photographs, illustrations, figures or charts. Here is a guide to help you choose which digital image format to use. But first, you have to understand the difference between a Raster image and a Vector …
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Why Responsive Websites Trump Dedicated Mobile Sites


If you’re in the market for a website, you’ve probably determined that it needs to work on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. There are two general approaches to meet your website’s mobile needs: A dedicated mobile website or a responsive website. What is a dedicated mobile website? A dedicated …
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The Illustrated Brand: The Case for Custom Illustration

What does Academic Matters have in common with The New Yorker magazine, American Express and Porter Airlines? They all rely heavily on custom illustration as a key visual branding tool. With today’s proliferation of stock photography and desktop publishing, custom illustration is one way these organizations, like many others, are …
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